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Transpose chords


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Where do I need to transpose chords?

You transpose chords if

-         you can grab chords in another key easier or

-         you want to sing the song in a higher or lower pitch. For example if you want to sing with children you use a higher pitch.


With the   Ukulele-Circle is the pefect tool to  easily transpose  chords.



With the   Ukulele-Circle you can on the backside  easily transpose . Also an  explanation is given here.


The keys are displayed in two circle. The inner circle can be turned around.

If you want to sing a song which is written in the keys C, G and  D  to another key, e.g. G you proceed as follows:


Move the G of the inner circle below the C in the outer circle.

Now you can read:


C will become G

G will become D

D will become A im


C,D,E  becomes G,D,A




Beside this you will find on the backside of the  Ukulele-Circle also additional information:


-         A display of the fretboard with notes

-         An example how to grab chords (e.g. G-chord)

-         An example who a tabulature looks like.




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